Behind Second Lines started as a dream and evolved into a reality.

Behind Second Lines hopes to bring you music, insight, images, voices, talent, events, and ideas that are hiding right under your nose. We want to bring you a tiny taste of all the goodness Texas and our generational creative movements have to offer. 

A note from the editor:

Music and writing have always been passions of mine since I was a child. It only made sense for me to do something with those passions that I could share with the world.

When I moved away from my home in Houston, Texas to start college in Baton Rouge, Louisiana (Geaux Tigers!!!)  I immediately developed a hole in my heart. I spent my formative years surrounded by amazing concerts, local acts, and opportunities to explore music deeply. The first few years in Baton Rouge were-quite frankly-depressing to a teenager that was accoustomed to going to concerts almost every weekend or visiting museums or hanging out in a garage listening to a band. 

Fortunately, I gained an opportunity to work with a publication that allowed me to travel to New Orleans, Louisiana frequently. In visiting the city so much I learned that amazing potential wasn't missing from this area, it was thriving. And with contacts I made, I found that in Baton Rouge, music was also alive and well, just hiding. My next stop was back home to Houston, Texas-a city full of musical gems waiting to be uncovered. So I, being the wild creative I am, obviously wanted to shine some light on an underpublished scene.

After discussing some ideas with peers, Behind Second Lines was born to bring you, the reader, the best we can offer you in not just music, but in life. 


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