• Nicole Sergent

New Orleans Warped Tour: Hail The Sun

Tucked away at the Full Sail stage, a singular man wailed his lungs out. That man was Donovan Melero, the lead singer of Hail The Sun, a hardcore band formed in Chico, California (where Ryan Atwood from The O.C. is from-swoon) that performed a strong show at Warped Tour. More in the realm of traditional Warped Tour lineup acts, this band’s heavy guitar and emotional vocals shouted out of speakers. You could feel the words Melero sung in your gut. This act was one of those phenomenal performances that did not garner quite the audience it should have. As mentioned in other articles, New Orleans really could have benefited by showing bands like this more support in their performance.

Hail The Sun recently released a new album called Culture Scars chock full of musical goodness expressing concern for and evaluation of societal values. The band performed pieces from Culture Shock and other songs their fans enjoy from past albums. Their heavy words resonated in their vocally focused tracks live. Be sure to check out their latest album and be sure to catch them live next time they hit a stage near you.

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