• Nicole Sergent

New Orleans Warped Tour: Pepper

Pepper: a band that might not be a household name, but probably should be one.

When reviewing a lineup of Warped Tour, this bad stands out a bit among many screamo and guitar heavy bands. Pepper, a band consisting of three members exhibits a distinctly tropical vibe. The band, formed in Hawaii, has clear roots in an almost reggae sound that blends exceptionally with rock-based musical accompaniment.

Pepper puts on nothing short of a killer show. An unanticipated performance had audience members grooving, vibing, and rocking on. The set held a healthy mix of the band’s staples and some new songs from their recent album Ohana mixed in. Kaleo Wassman, the band’s lead singer and guitar frontman managed to not only execute his musical delivery perfectly, but also kept a cheeky, upbeat interaction with the audience throughout the performance. Consistently throughout the set the band held high energy and maintained constant interaction with the audience. The performance certainly felt as if it could stand on its own as an individual concert apart from the musical festival it happened to be connected with.

Pepper’s music tells stories of partying, a carefree lifestyle, and someplace far away from the oppressive 100 degree New Orleans summer heat. Audience members could not help but be swept away to Hawaii where three goofy dudes were putting on a show along some stunning beachscape. Towards the end of Pepper’s performance, the band managed to draw in more fans than they started with, a sure sign of a good time. Be sure to check out these top notch performers play live next time they tour, there is no way you want to miss a Pepper show.

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