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Editor's Playlist: Nicole's n00bz August 2k16

Editor’s note: Putting together a playlist of music I listen to every month will be a struggle, but I have no doubt that this challenge will be an exciting one I can’t wait to jump into. Unlike my contributors-who tend to have a deep respect for a particular genre-I am all over the place with my musical musings, so anticipate this playlist to be the most scattered of all. My playlist will pull from dated songs to fresh tracks just dropped. Without further ado, I look forward to providing readers with a hodge podge of a playlist each month, so here is my first with some textual accompaniment.

August screams heat. Everything feels like it’s melting here in the South and on those overzealously warm days I grow lethargic. When attempting to pull through the last few hours of the afternoon, I find myself needing a little bit of a kick in the butt to keep me from becoming a puddle at my desk. Summer is also the time of year I often find myself declining to tan by the pool embarrassed by my blubber, instead opting to spend an inordinate quantity of time in the gym. As such, a majority of playlist items are on the energetic side of music, but I have some newfound mellow gems tucked in between-because it wouldn’t be a Nicole playlist without a befuddling lack of continuity.

A few items I want to highlight from this list:

  1. “Sex” by Cheat Codes/”Let’s Talk About Sex” by Salt N Peppa-a modern twist on an old classic makes my heart sing. First off, the original song by a badass girl group was an amazing so I had to include this feminist and still relevant track after the re-do so you can hear it in all its glory. I am not huge on remakes, but Cheat Codes transformed the anthem into something new worth investigating.

  2. “Jeden Tag Wochenende” by Sido-have you lived if you haven’t heard German rap? I don’t think so.

  3. “I Took A Pill in Ibiza” by Mike Posner-the remix to Posner’s track received an extreme quantity of air time, but is completely different in its original form-be sure to listen to his album. You’ll get to see how his stripped down album is a journal rather than a catchy radio tune.

  4. “Karma Police” by Easy Star All-Stars-if you love Radiohead and reggae like I do, this one is a win.

  5. “Wait” by M83-this song is so haunting and the music video (below) is even more amazing...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAwYodrBr2Q

  6. “Hey Senorita” by The Penguins-often the most beautiful voices are overlooked. In an era when African American artists were treated poorly by labels these singers still overcame the odds to produce some amazingly catchy tunes.

  7. “Adelaide” by Meg Myers-this artist produces heart wrenching songs that are fully capable of tearing you up internally

  8. “Stockholm” by Conner Youngblood-listen to this talent if you haven’t already, his ambient sound is unique

  9. “Warm Enough” by Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment-this group of musicians produced a haunting album and this unusual song will stay in your mind.

  10. “Turnin’ Me Up” by BJ the Chicago Kid-the horns in this song accent smooth vocals so well that you’d think they super-matched on Tinder

  11. “Never Fade” by Jack Johnson-from his album “From Here To Now To You” that has not received nearly enough attention, Johnson paints a simple love melody you won’t stop singing

  12. “Do You Feel It” by Chaos Chaos-I wish I could say I found this jam, but my favorite person played it for me and now I can’t stop playing it myself.

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