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Art Talk with Hayley Jensen

Hayley Jensen, a talented visual artist from New Orleans, Louisiana creates pieces you remember. Her beautiful abstract works mix medias, genres, and messages. As a lover of art myself, I proudly hang one of her pieces in my living room. In the first part of two articles on Hayley, we discuss her art and where you can find it. Check out the interview below:

What has been inspiring your art lately? I've always been inspired by play in art as well as humor. However, lately, I've been looking to art as an escape from all the madness going on, as a way to express my subconscious in a deep and powerful way--raw expressions of self. My series, Funky Abstracts, is my main focus right now. Since you have multi media work, do you have a favorite medium? Watercolor is what I tend to be drawn towards, since I grew up using it, but all mediums have their own pros and cons. I use whatever I can get my hands on mostly. Is there a new medium you've decided to work with? I've been using gouache a lot recently! I actually really love it because it's thick like acrylic but flexible like watercolor, and it's matted, which is lovely.

Are there any color palettes you tend to gravitate towards? I tend to use bright, playful palettes. It is hard for me to use the color green, for some reason though. Whenever you see it in my work, just know that it took a lot for me to try and add it in, even when I know it's what is best for the painting. How long have you been painting? I started taking private lessons when I was around 10 or so, with an amazing artist, Andrea Neesley. She mostly taught me watercolors and that's why I tend to gravitate towards that medium. But for a few years, I gave up art because of insecurities and because I thought I should be focusing on things that would "earn me money in the future, blah blah blah." But once I picked up a brush again near the end of high school, I was instantly hooked all over again. And I now I just can't stop. Painting is a part of me, and I am very happy that it is. My painting professors in college would tell me and the other students, you have to love this because you're probably going to be poor and just selling it to rich people who want something to hang on their big walls. So you have to love what you do because there is no other reason to do it. You can't be in for the money or for any other reason besides the love of creating. But, yeah, I've been painting for about 12 years. How does New Orleans influence your work? New Orleans has a vibrant spirit. It is an amazing energy to be around, which really helps anyone and everyone to feel creative.

How does social media and an increase in online presence impact you as an artist? Social media allows me to connect with more people than I would be able to. I like being able to share my process and my work so quickly and in different ways so easily. The two platforms I use most are Instagram and Snapchat. I like Instagram, obviously, because it is the best way to share work with the whole world, and its free! Which I love. Snapchat allows me to share with a lot less people but I get to show pictures of my whole entire process, which is a wonderful thing, I think. People can go through a painting with me, instead of just seeing the final product. It is a very interesting thing. Do you have any upcoming shows? Possibly one in Austin, TX in November. What kind of products do you sell related to art and where could readers purchase it? I sell a lot of stickers of my work. I like the playfulness of them and how easy it is for people to just put them on their laptops or longboards or what have you. I also sell postcards, prints, and posters of my work. People can go to my website: hayleysjensen.com in order to contact me about purchases. Or they can direct message me on my Instagram: @hayljensen. Where can readers find your art? My website: hayleysjensen.com My Instagram: @hayljensen My snapchat: @hayljensen My most recent work is always up on my Instagram and Snapchat first.

Be sure to check out the second article in this series when we talk inspiration, more about Hayley, and where she might be headed next!

All images provided by Hayley Jensen

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