• Nicole Sergent

New Orleans Warped Tour: Less Than Jake

Picture this: a throbbing crowd getting water guns sprayed all over them. Or maybe this: a bevy of beach balls being tossed around through an audience. Or better yet: a damn good concert.

Filling the air with ska-punk beats, Less Than Jake put on a riveting performance sprinkled with audience amusing tactics to entertain the masses. These seasoned performers certainly know how to work a crowd, which they certainly did. Dressed in Americana garb, lead singer Chris DeMakes performed with a jaunty energy that could be felt as he belted out lyrics to the band’s hits. Less Than Jake sets itself apart from other bands on the Warped Tour lineup with the feature of high tempo brass throughout music. Buddy Schaub and Peter Wasilewski (the trombonist and saxophonist) performed with a notable vigor, taking center stage in optimal moments to become a unique musical centerpiece to the set. Upbeat tunes drove onlookers to their feet dancing, nodding heads, and “skanking”-the dance motion of choice for ska fans everywhere.

Less Than Jake engaged the audience to the nth degree. Firing off water at overheated audience members, asking them to sing along, shooting cannons into the crowd, and keeping such high energy it could exhaust any viewer, redefined the term “vivacious,” as well as “interactive.” If you haven’t participated in one of their shows, I strongly urge you to next time you get the chance.

Even if you can’t catch a show, be sure to buy one of their albums here or check out our exclusive interview with lead trombonist Buddy Schaub here.

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