• Nicole Sergent

Just Dropped: I Know by Z Ro

Being a native Houstonian, I can't help but encourage readers to check out some regional rap. Houston has the nickname of the “city of purple syrup,” alluding to the trend of using codeine based substances recreationally.

What does that have to do with anything? Glad you are curious dear reader. This has influenced rap styles that range from the ever popular chopped and screwed to what some refer to as SLAB-slow loud and bangin. Z Ro, a rapper from Missouri City, a suburb in Texas, raps powerful verses about drug culture, living a hardened life, and society's response to it all.

This August he dropped his most recent single,”I Know.” His latest track addresses critics and reminisces upon his recent exploits. The verses fall a little flatter than previous raps, but the musical accompaniment makes the mellow track worth jamming to. While this is by no means my favorite single he has released, it is certainly a cool starting point to new listeners looking to get a feel for how Z Ro's music sounds. Happy listening!

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