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2016 Trends: Chokers

Of all the greatest (and tackiest) 90’s fashion trends, I’m a little perplexed as to why chokers have made the biggest comeback this millennium. I could understand the comeback of overalls – and actually, I think the 2010s “twist” on what is perhaps an antiquated fashion trend is pretty fashion forward.

And I can’t ever argue with an all-black ensemble, either

But when I think of chokers, I always think about those cheap, tacky plastic ones that were so popular way back when. I remember my older sisters having them in black, maroon, clear (for whatever reason), and me being too little to have a whole set for myself, because my parents would always say they were “the silliest things” they had ever seen. “Why would you want to wear something that chokes you?”

Anyways, leave it up to Miss Cara Delevingne to bring chokers back in a tasteful way.

Cara gives an ode to the 90s sans all the tackiness.

Right now in the fashion world, it does make sense that this trend is coming back. We’re seeing a lot of plunging necklines, and a slow but steady move away from long necklaces that were so popular last year. Now some of the biggest fashion houses are experimenting with turning chokers in haute couture, especially at shows like Dior and Saint Laurent.

A lot of designers are taking this trend and running with it in different directions. We’re especially seeing a lot of “goth-chic” inspired chokers, while others are going a more classic route. One choker I really loved was the Givenchy Star Choker available at Bergdorf Goodman’s and all other luxury department stores.

Saint Laurent blended two trends with the Lolita Tassel Necklace.

Givenchy Star Choker

*photos courtesy of Bergdorf goodman 2016 online catalog

Rodarte, Marchesa, Saint Laurent, Dior.

So are chokers here to stay? Just like any trend, this one seems that it will be short-lived, even despite its popularity decades ago. Just as Heidi Klum famously said, “In the world of fashion, one day you’re in, and the next day you’re out”.

*photos unless otherwise indicated courtesy of NYmag.com

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