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Album Review: California by Blink 182

Album: California

Artist: Blink 182

Release date: July 1st, 2016

Now that we have all had some time to digest Blink 182‘s new album, California, which was released in early July, it is safe to say that they are still captivating their fans, young and old alike. This band has been killing it since the early 90’s, and with the release of their seventh album, they don’t appear to be stopping anytime soon. With the pressure of living up to the ever-present albums of Blink’s past, California debut’s the band’s new, more experimental sound that really highlights what they are capable of post Tom Delonge. I really couldn’t think of a better replacement for Delonge, than with Alkaline trio’s Matt Skiba. The lyrical qualities and melodic beats have created a perfect combination of the two bands. The album is much more simplistic and mature than albums past.

California opens with the song “Cynical” which appears to be a send off to Tom DeLonge, and an acceptance of the new Blink 182. It is the band’s way of working through the anxiety of starting a new album, and not giving up. This leads into the second song on the album, “Bored to Death” which reminds me so much of old Blink 182, it’s the kind of song that I turn up and jam out all my teen angst to, no matter how old I am. It is the fourth song on the album, “Los Angeles,” where Blink really introduces their new sound. This is the high point for the album, and I’ve got no complaints. They push the limits when it comes to the drumming. Then, of course, there is the 14 second song “Built this Pool” that goes, “Woo, woo/I wanna see some naked dudes/That's why I built this pool,” which was originally released on a hilarious ten hour loop. The song “Left Alone” is where Matt Skiba’s vocals really shine. I think all of my fellow Alkaline Trio fans can agree, this is where he injects the album with his melodic vocals that we all love so much about him. Towards the end of the album, the nostalgic sound of “San Diego,” gives me lots of feelings about my own hometown. The album references California a lot which is a comment on Blink 182’s love for their home state.

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