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Nicole's no0bz: September 2k16

It is the most wonderful time of the year, yet again: fall. Fall is my most hectic time of the year full of classes to cram for, football games to attend, bags to punch, weddings to shoot, and, of course, concerts to see. There is rarely a moment when I am by myself enjoying the madness that is September that you won’t find my headphones in or my speakers bumping. This month’s playlist is, like my others, a hodgepodge of everything featuring rap, blues, jazz, pop, and a few other goodies.

Below are some features:

  1. “I Know” by Zro-this Houston native artist dropped another awesomely lazy single this past month, check it out and my article about it here.

  2. “Is It Me” by St. Paul & The Broken Bones-this track from their latest album that also dropped this month is beautiful, simple, and raw. Be sure to check out their new stuff.

  3. “Candyman” by Zedd and Aloe Blacc-so I know I’m super behind on appreciating electronic music of any type, but I really enjoy this track and Zedd’s other catchy, feel-good tunes

  4. “Tomorrow” by Shakey Graves-September is our site’s Blues month, so in honor of that check out this singer’s bluesy pipes in this lovely new track

  5. “Dog House Blues” by Larry Garner-speaking of blues and feel good music, this entertaining track by Larry Garner will surely be stuck in your head for weeks to come…

  6. “Freedun” by M.I.A and ZAYN-off her new album, MIA makes a catchy comeback with this track that is always banging and always political

  7. “Como Lo Hacen” by Frankie Ruiz-some of ya’ll don’t realize this, but I am a Latina from Texas, so I love to occasionally put on a fun, bouncy track like this to playlists to spice them up a bit

  8. “Little Talks” by Julia Sheer & Jon D-this cover is stripped and gorgeous, I do not have words

  9. “Swimming Pools (Drank)” by Kendrick Lamar-much like on my last playlist (note: Pill In Ibiza), I love to feature songs that are totally misinterpreted by the public-this track was about the difficulties of growing up in an alcohol laden environment but was transformed into a drinking anthem. Plus I am always on a Kendrick kick.

  10. “Sunshine Woman” by Led Zeppelin-masters of blues rock and my heart, the recent release of this performance leaves me with hours of music to adoringly dote upon

  11. “Modern Girls & Old Fashioned Men” by The Strokes and Regina Spektor-I have been obsessed with this song since high school and the cool weather makes me nostalgic-this track is super cool and catchy with unique vocals, give it a whirl

  12. “True Love” by SOJA-this mellow love song is so relaxing and PSSST we will be featuring reggae in an upcoming month…

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