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Fashion Trends for Fall 2016

Well, I just bought this year’s September issue of Vogue (about a month late!) and have noticed some reoccurring fashion trends. Here, I’ve listed a few that I noticed. I included some of my favorite designers, and have seen some trends interweave each other.

all images courtesy of vogue.com

1. Lots of Pink

Pink is super big this season, and while Kate Spade is known for girly, flirty hues, even McQueen took note with lots of pale pink.

2. Pleated Skirts

A super youthful hemline for skirts is also popular, with lots of pleats hitting just below or above the knee.

3. Floral for Fall

Floral is also making a muted comeback in fall, and without making a Devil Wears Prada pun, it is actually pretty groundbreaking.

4. Tiger Stripes-finally!

Then, one of my favorite designers, Kenzo, brought out the tiger stripes that I have been waiting for so desperately; it’s truly one of my favorite patterns that has the unfortunate trait of looking tacky when done wrong, but I’m ecstatic Kenzo has finally done it right.

5. Patriotic and Vibrant

I ended with Marc Jacobs because I wanted to feature a “lower tier luxury” designer, and because I feel like the Marc Jacobs house is always on trend. This fall I’m seeing a lot of that lovely cobalt blue matched with bright scarlet red, an unlikely rather patriotic color scheme, and interestingly a far cry from what the rest of the fashion world is up to.

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