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Artist Spotlight: The Colourflies

The internet: where coolness and great music hide amongst the mess. Luckily for me, this kick ass band does not need to hide anywhere because their unique sound and killer aesthetic speaks volumes. Their fashion sense alone could kill. Add in some alt-pop-punk-ish sounds you can thrash your head to and they are pure magic. We had the pleasure of asking The Colourflies some questions after seriously jamming to their tunes. Check out what they had to say below and be sure to listen to their latest when you're done reading!

First, let readers know about what type of listening experience they should be ready for when tuning in.

Matt: They should be ready for varied sounds. Just when you think you have figured out where the album and the band as a whole is going, we sidewind into a completely different direction. As much as we love playing for people, we mostly like playing for ourselves, and we bore easily, so therin lies our diversity.

Quest: The kind of experience you won't regret in the morning, or you might. Who am I to say?

Devin: Our music covers a range of emotions and sounds; some songs feel melancholic or pensive, but others thrash about wildly with anger or excitement. Be ready for a rollercoaster of emotions.

What would you say your biggest musical influences are?

Matt: I love everything from The Supremes to Kittie, so I mean I have big ones like The Beatles, Foo Fighters, Cheap Trick, Ginblossoms , John Mayer, Oingo Boingo, B52's, Devo, Cage The Elephant, Poe, Dinosaur Jr. ,The Lemonheads and Smashing Pumpkins ,and Queen whom are gods to me, but I also love Public Enemy, George Clinton, The Zambonis, Childish Gambino, Dire Straits, and Daft Punk, you know, upand commers.

Quest: Primus, Jack White, Queen, and all those other cool Scandinavia metal bands.

Devin: The biggest influences on the way I drum are (in no particular order) The Doors, System of a Down, The Smashing Pumpkins, Foo Fighters, Primus, Pixies and Led Zeppelin.

We noticed a rich, layered sound in several of your pieces-what inspires this?

Matt: The desire to have a sense of grandiosity with our songs. I want each song to be like a little world you can live in, the more going on the better because each world has more things to keep your interest and is ultimately more intrinsic.

Quest: A strong need to deliver hard hitting alterna metal pop music to all the good folks of the world.

Devin: We wanted our sound to be interesting and full rather than flat and boring. Shouldn't that be every musicians desire?

Your music videos are as dope as your tunes-does anything in particular inspire these?

Matt: Mostly our videos have been pretty bad up until Kimberly and Jurassic Park, What inspires them is usually I have an idea after we're done recording the song or we're sitting around on tour or right after a show or something.

Devin: Our music videos usually tell a story that is either a reflection of the literal meaning of the song or the feelings it was born from.

Bam bitches.

What comes to you first during the creative process-the music or the lyrics?

Matt: The Music definitely. Sometimes I have little couplets that I feel would make a good line, and I write them down. An example of having lyrics come from an inspiration, but having seen them before I had written the song is Ben Stiller's Dexter, which is a song of ours from the record. I bought this inspirational plaque from a thrift store that said if it is to be then it's up to me, I liked that so much that I used it in Ben Stiller's Dexter. The Funny thing is my friend Tonya from the sensational band Ragtag Romantics, came up to me after a show and asked if I had gotten it from school, it turns out that's a motto taught in classrooms which I had no idea about.

Devin: None of my songs are on any albums yet, as I only recently started writing material that is explicitly my own, but I tend to do both. Sometimes I'll write lyrics and find a melody to fit them and go from there, other times I'll do the reverse. Sometimes I'll do both for different parts of a song.

How is working with Blackhouse Records? Do fans have a new album to look forward to?

Matt: Blackhouse, as far as a label that truly believes in the band goes, is the best situation we could ask for. They reallly believe in us and the label owner Scott is just this incredible human being who I send terrible memes to on a daily basis, so I'm basically saying sorry for that to him right now if he reads this, but I'm not going to stop doing it either. Also We do have a new album we're writing, it's going to be weird, it's going to be rocking, it's going to be exciting.

Quest: Blackhouse has been a real trip to the candy tree to work with.. They're what makes our mixtapes fire af.

Devin: Blackhouse records has been good to us, they helped us get our music out to the people immensely, and at little expense to us. We are currently working on tons of new material, at this point the challenge is going to be figuring out what's going to make the cut for our next release under blackhouse records; but, rest assured it's coming, and I think it'll be our best album yet.

If you have a new album coming out soon, what inspired it?

Matt: The new album is just inspired by our lives for the last year and a half, as well as sort of a perspective as an adult, I'm going to be 25 next year and it's a fond and and not so fond look on my life. It's going to be a very sweet and very dark record. Also a lot of ancient Grease, within the parameters, of fable and otherwise, I feel has a very easily seen relevance to where we are in history in America right now, after all we just elected a demagogue to office.

Quest: For our next album we want to create something of a masterpiece that makes all our other albums look as if we were just giving everyone a decent heckling.

Devin: The drive to keep making music has only gotten more urgent, I couldn't stop it if I tried (and I did once). I don't know if it's my soul craving the catharsis that comes from the sublimation of our world's woes or if I just like hitting things with sticks. Hard to say.

How has the digital age of music influenced your band? Are you finding more fans from YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, etc?

Matt: Well when our record came out, our label was baffeled by how many physical copies we were selling vs. digital. It meant people wanted the actual record and the art and lyrics, which was very humbling to us. The digital aspect has made it so anyone can instantly have it, which I think is fantastic. We get a lot of fans from Facebook, but also from Spotify and Youtube, It depends. We get fans from new music videos and new singles that show different sides of us.

Quest: The "digital age" of music is essentially both a blessing and a curse.

Devin: The musical process for me is in no way affected by its distribution or audience, but the internet of course allows anyone who is interested to find our live videos, music videos, album recordings, and all sorts of other wacky fun stuff.

Do you have any shows coming up?

Matt: We do, we're playing a house show on the 19th, It's crowded and sweaty and fun and in a basement with Cesspul, whom are nice guys and we appreciate the invitation to play with them. The last show was rowdy. We're also going on an all you can eat Christmas tour with Ragtag Romantics, The Drag and Deschamp.

Quest: Just a house show and a christmas tour.

Thank you so much for answering our questions-one last question: where can fans find you online?

Quest: Facebook, Youtube, Spotify, iTunes I think? And just generally anywhere there is webernet you can find us..

Matt: What Quest said.

all images provided courtesy of The Colourflies

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