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  • Nicole Sergent

Why Music Publishing is So Important and Why I Suck: A Confessional Essay from an Editor that Droppe

Hello all, that is me.

Sitting on the stairs of one of the coolest places I've been fortunate enough to visit: The MET in New York City.

I'm using this picture of me to launch into a conversation about my absence to highlight me doing something I love: thriving amongst art. Art has gotten me through some truly difficult times in my life. When one of my closest friends passed, helping set up an art show for him helped me get through the pain of loss. When I was a teenager and had no place to turn, I headed to a friend's garage and listened to his psych-rock band practice. When I had my heart broken about a million and a half times before I met someone truly special, I turned up some truly powerful songs from Jeff Buckley and sang along, crying loudly into my steering wheel. Art has made such a profound and deep impact on every fiber of my soul.

This passion for art inspired me making this site.

I wanted myself and my contributors to be able to share a little piece of the art that has captured their heart with you. New and magical artists deserve to be shared with the internet and brought to light because their work can change lives.

This is me formally apologizing for neglecting this site, my love shared with the world, over the past few months. I got sucked into a whirlwind of holidays, events, and deep contemplation about my future. Notice none of those include generating new content. You deserve better, dear readers.

From here moving forward, I vow to ensure that we share with you weekly (if not daily) so you too can find something different and have the opportunity to be touched deeply by something that moves you. My sincerest apologies for being an ass, and I can only hope you will forgive my neglect and still tune in moving forward...

Much love always,


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