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Nicole's n00bz March 2k17

Catching up means catching up on some new tunes as well! This month’s playlist was shockingly easy to make as I have been jamming out to some new, smooth tunes as of late. It was also easy to make because artists I love and know personally have been turning out new songs left and right. Let’s get into some nitty gritty details highlighting some favorites from down below:

  1. P.O.W.A.-M.I.A.-Ya’ll know my affection for M.I.A. is never ending and her ability to produce awesome tracks is unyielding. Her new single does not disappoint, check it out.

  2. We Gon’ Take Your Body-The Soul Rebels-one of my favorite brassy bands keeps my feet tapping and hips swaying.

  3. Strike the Root-Thievery Corporation-last time I jammed to this band was on the Garden State soundtrack so imagine my pleasant surprise in learning they transformed their alternative style into a sweet reggae sound-worth a listen.

  4. Happy Being Miserable-New Found Glory-it’s been a hot minute since this 90s kid favorite dropped a single, but this one holds on to the band’s classic pop punk roots in a song about saving the best for someone new.

  5. Bed Case-Tancred-this song drags me back to the soundtrack of Ten Things I Hate About You in the best possible way, check out a great track with a familiar feel.

  6. Turning to Gold-Michael Barrow & The Tourists-what a joy it is for me to include friends on my playlists-Michael’s sweet voice and this simple melody will fill your heart with the warm fuzzies that you will surely share with loved ones.

  7. Namesake-Tunde Olaniran-not going to lie, if there was one new artist I ripped off the SXSW lineup that I have been bumping constantly, it’d be this guy right here. Check out his upbeat unique sound.

  8. Nimble Bastard-Incubus-the latest from one of my favorite alt rock bands has some serious Foo Fighters (circa In Your Honor) sounding guitar licks in the best possible way.

  9. Down For You-Russ-without a doubt, Russ has been one of my favorite R&B artists as of late-he masterfully blends his smooth voice and enthralling beats to put together mellow tracks anyone would love

  10. Feel It Still-Portugal The Man-for years this band has pieced together a unique sound that translates amazingly live, and this new song is just as special as their older tracks. Feel It Still has some serious James Bond soundtrack vibes to it, so give it a whirl.

  11. Confidently Lost-Sabrina Claudio-I cannot emphasize how much I want everyone to listen to this song enough. My friends are tired of my sending them links to it. My Spotify account will probably be deactivated because I have been listening to this floaty, intimate track all month. Seriously, listen.

  12. Never Gonna Get High-Dune Rats-if the Ramones’ guitar riffs had a baby with vocals from The Offspring, this song would happen. It’s high energy and a lot of fun, so spin it with the windows down on a sunny day driving around for maximum impact

  13. Sit Still, Look Pretty-Daya-with a perfect mixture of catchy beats and the ever popular female empowering lyricism, I have a feeling this artist is a cooler Arianna Grande in the making.

  14. Miserably Privileged-Without a Face-I think this guy had a set in front of a youth group I used to be a part of, but his music is pretty unique. Check out this amusing track evaluating societal materialism.

  15. Smoke-Luke Levinson-promise you won’t regret listening to this crooner hit notes seamlessly in this bluesy track. He also might be an alum of my high school….go knights!

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