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Album Review: I Decided

To start off this article, I must apologize on a personal note. I promised I wouldn’t review too much top 40 on the site, but here I go again, reviewing more top 40. I can’t help it with rapper Big Sean. On to the music.

The most recent album he released, “I Decided,” is beyond interesting. Listening to this album revitalizes my interest in his rap career. Previously his hits like “IDFWU,” were catchy but lacked substance. Big Sean has received criticism about his most recent album with pretentious music journalists commenting on how he takes a more serious tone that is ineffective, but I disagree with these critiques. He shows that he has the ability to craft songs that are about more than beefing with rappers or about his anatomical features. Big Sean’s choice to integrate in the ever popular musical elements that are mellow while simultaneously having a space-y feel creates an album with an actual feel to it instead of sloppy repeat beats and messy lyricism (banking in on cultural references for attention, faded vocal effects, and sex alone) seen by other rappers. Cough cough Future a la HNDRXX cough.

Personal favorites on this album include, “No Favors,” a track about acquiring notoriety with a surprising cameo by Eminem, “Jump Out the Window,” a surprisingly analytical love song, “Inspire Me,” a sweet ballad about family, and “Bounce Back,” a catchy hit about thriving post pitfalls.

Be sure to check this album out when you’re having a mellow night in the bathtub or are kicking back on the couch, promise you will not regret it.

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