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Born A Crime by Trevor Noah

Non fiction tends to be a genre of books that can be rather dry. This is coming from an avid reader that enjoys learning. This is coming from an Economics major who actually enjoyed her textbooks. There is absolutely no denying that there are engaging ways to write a non-fiction book and there are dull ways to write one. Known as a popular TV personality that recently took of the Tonight Show on Comedy Central, Trevor Noah produced a winner in this book. I was shocked to find that he created one of the best non-fictions I have read in ages because typically celebrity written books are light on content and over marketed.

Noah's book, Born A Crime takes readers through his daily life growing up in South Africa. Full of adventure, mischief, family, and difficult lessons about humanity, this coming of age tale is chock full of life. Noah writes in a vivacious and engaging way sure to pull in the laziest of readers. Smattered with humor, any reader is sure to at least chuckle mid-read. There was one particular chapter in this book in which I audibly laughed for a solid ten minutes. The real meat of this book comes from Noah's intelligent commentary about apartheid. He brings forth a harsh reality of racial tensions that evokes serious conversations about what it means to be a person of color in a modern world. I would be remiss to not mention that there was a point in this book that I cried. Noah's life has been anything but easy as he hustled his way to where he is now. His life story is iconic and important.

Be sure to read this particular book that has a little something for every reader.

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