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Art Talk with Helena Williams of Laniebird Designs

Once in a while, you meet someone and just say, "they are SO much cooler than me." This was my initial interaction with Helena Williams. Imagine my surprise that such an awesome angel was a thriving artist that was willing to work with me on the graphics for this very site! Her work is simple but still stands out in a crowd in a way that most artists could only dream of. Check out our short Q&A below and be sure to look at her portfolio-you will be impressed, I promise.

photo courtesy of Helena Williams

What do you want readers to know about your art?

The world of graphic design is male dominant, and unless the design is iconically female, I feel like it’s hard stand out as a female designer. Although, on the flipside, I do like the sexual ambiguity where work stands for what it is, not who it’s from. My typography work is minimalistic and more about a clever design and message than about being fancy. My sketches are the opposite. They are quick, dirty, and most of all full of personality. I love eyes and faces, so capturing those is the most crucial part to a likeness.

Do you have a favorite type of project to pursue?

My favorite type of project is anything I can get behind. It’s hard to be excited about a brochure or flyer, but when it’s about bringing a standard to a brand that hasn’t been set or pushing a great idea forward and making it clear for strangers, I get pumped.

How did you get into graphic design?

I was always a sketcher throughout childhood and had a deep mindset of if I liked something I should try to recreate it. I broke down how everything was drawn, designed, and why colors where chosen. I was extremely analytical. In 2012 I got a great opportunity to draw a poster after years of putting my work on the backburner, and ever since then the business never stopped.

piece for behind second lines by Laniebird Designs

Is there anything that has been inspiring your work lately?

Those in the local community inspire me. I love seeing what is coming out of my brothers and sisters and how I can one-up them (at least in my own head). I’m a very bad mix of competitive and introverted, so I love to create, but hate to boast.

We love collaborating with you on pieces and know you love music, what is your favorite type of music?

My husband is the music junkie and I’m the casual observer. My favorite type of music is whatever isn’t on the radio. I want it to feel fresh and not overplayed. I love everything from folk and Americana to Southern rap and funk.

How can readers find more of your art?

I keep my Instagram (@laniebirddesigns) the freshest, but I also have a website www.laniebirddesigns.com with some good business tips.

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