• Nicole Sergent

Art Show: A Song For My Father

Getting to speak to an artist in person about their art is inspiring. Getting to talk to a talented friend about their art while looking at it is even better. This evening BSL had the pleasure of attending Zach Fox's BFA show, A Song For My Father. This collection showcased film from the artists' fathers' hunting trips, locations he had been, and a collection of memories Zach found in his journey to connect with him. Hosted graciously by the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge, the gallery was simple and beautiful.

Guests had the opportunity to learn more about each piece individually while learning about the artists' intent first hand. Within my own interactions with the artist I got to learn about the complexities of printing processes and the journey Zach took, painstakingly crafting each piece on display. His choice of mixing printing styles effectively captured attention and drew in a sizable crowd to admire his work.

We here at BSL are looking forward to seeing all that Zach will accomplish in his craft, and consider ourselves fortunate to have been part of a touching evening.

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