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Trapt Acoustic: A Tale of Amazing Opening Acts

Echoing through Scout Bar, 90s alternative hits had concert go-ers bobbing their heads. There was an air of anticipation hanging overhead before artists hit the stage. On Feb. 10, Trapt headlined an epic acoustic set that was certainly worth writing home about. Prior to Trapt hitting stage, there was an extensive and impressive lineup of artists preparing audience members for the band.

Silk Knives, the first act to approach the stage, delivered an eclectic and riveting show. Lead singer Colby Powers’ compelling vocals and eclectic style reminded this listener of Elvis Costello. His range, stage presence, and charisma lit up the room, making it difficult to turn away. While Silk Knives’ normal musical presence seems to include a full band, for this acoustic performance, three band members donned acoustic guitars showcasing their talent across multiple instruments. The performance felt intimate and inspired, compelling listeners to investigate the band for themselves. This band native to Houston is one to look into.

The next band to approach the mic was Via Linda, a local group that has played all across the Houston area. Their stripped set featured a variety of instruments, including literal cymbal slapping percussion accompaniment. Via Linda ensured their tracks felt upbeat and energetic, much like their normal sets do. Ending their contagiously catchy set with TKO, a playful song that’s equal parts fun and rocking, Via Linda brought crowd energy up to a whole new level.

Next to hit the stage was the soulful, thought provoking Valeluna. This set featured songs questioning spirituality and the meaning of it all, which seemed to place concert go-ers in a more pensive state. Musically speaking, this local band was not like the others, sounding a bit more stripped down than other bands. They had a compelling, almost Christian-rock sound to them that showcased Ty McMahon’s emotional lyricism. The set ended with one of my favorite songs performed all evening, October, a gut-wrenching ballad reflecting on the past.

The final act to preclude Trapt’s entrance was Easyfriend. This musical project features Eric Brown, brother of lead vocalist of Trapt, Chris Taylor Brown, who after feeling disgruntled with work, quit his job, packed up an RV, and started creating music. This performer’s openness is unique and creates a dialogue with audience members that many shows are missing. For example, mid-set Brown’s guitar string snapped, but instead of ending the performance, Brown chose to engage in a freestyle rap. Whimsical and honest, this set was not one to be missed. The group’s new music is going to be fresh and exciting, like everything Easyfriend puts out. We at BSL might have gotten a sneak preview of their new music and have been playing it on loop. Bonus content, the kind producer/bassist/superhuman Matthew Faulkner complied to take this silly picture with me (seen below/plastered on social media). Faulkner and Brown also host a fantastic podcast and have a label, Betawave. Be sure to check out all the wonderful creative ventures they’re a part of.

By the time that Trapt reached the stage, Scout Bar was packed with fans. Dramatic build up and anticipation hanging in the air was visibly electric.

Trapt’s acoustic set, as expected, was enthralling. Nothing is more engaging than seeing a band that produces angry bangers like, “Headstrong,” play essentially the opposite for fans. Acoustic sets tend to exhibit a softer side of musical talent one might overlook otherwise. Raw vocals and strong strumming ended up closing out the night in the most magical way. The performance was worth the wait. Scout Bar was swaying back and forth listening to a mix of melodies spanning across the band’s musical career. Captivating their audience, the band proved to be the cherry on top of an already outstanding evening of entertainment.

We will, with certainty, be at Trapt’s next performance. As enjoyable as their show was, this listener was even more excited by the talent they surround themselves with. Perhaps in this one case, the openers out shined the headlining act. Cheers to an electric acoustic set that left us buzzing.

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