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An Epic Romp: Dropkick Murphys as Energetic and Engaging as Ever

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A hazy fog settled over Houston, on a dreary March 3rd. Lines wrapped around the Revention Music Center. Kilt clad, fuzzy men had faces looking like kids in a candy shop created deep merch table lines. From minute one until the bitter end, the Irish rock spirit was in the air.

The night began with a spirited performance by Bim Skala Bim that had audience members get into the spirit of the show. Their energetic, ska-bopping beats created a spirit of bouncing joy throughout Revention Music Center. Next, fans were treated with the pleasure of hearing Agnostic Front. Their guitars thrashed around, bringing up the energy of the crowd yet another notch. Agnostic Front's set was aggressive and invigorating with some mild moshing included. Punk rock power ruled the night and the audience was electric by the time the lights of Revention dimmed.

The crowd swayed with anticipation as The Foggy Dew, a lyrical track, was piped in through the speakers. Finally the wait was over as Dropkick Murphys hit the stage. Being of a younger demographic that never had the honor to see the band live prior to March 3rd, this listener was amazed at the level of spunk exhibited on stage. Frankly, my body couldn't handle all the jumping and moving that the most stationary band members engaged in. It was a baffling affair indeed. Dropkick featured pieces from their latest album 11 Short Stories of Pain & Glory (which we have reviewed here) as well as cult classics like Rose Tattoo. The set was formidable in length, and consequently the sustained levels of exuberance the band projected were nothing short of impressive. The concert was no sprint; it was a marathon in every context of the word. Despite grand efforts asserted by Dropkick, there was only mild circle moshing in the crowd throughout the performance, as the audience couldn't seem to keep up with the energy of the band. The raucous romp wasn't just fluffy fun-the band took a moment to seriously note the impact of Hurricane Harvey, asserting that their Claddagh Fund-the band's charity foundation established on the principals of friendship, love, and loyalty-contributed to relief efforts in the city of Houston. After the regular set wrapped, Dropkick returned to stage after chants from the audience. They tore into their hit Shipping Off to Boston with an almost frenzied spirit. Wrapping the show in the spirit of comradery one might find at an Irish pub, the band closed their encore with Until the Next Time, inviting audience members on stage to help close out a riotous performance. This writer can not wait until the band's next Houston performance, and is considering investing in a plaid kilt.

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