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Mid March Rap Roundup

Grannies by Maxo Kream released as a single before being featured on latest album Punken

The past few weeks have been chock full of rap goodness. Check out my takes on some new albums and EPS from some favorite top 40 rap artists as well as work from a few underground gems I love. Except for Lil Yachty. He can’t sit with us. Ever.

Wassup from Logic's latest album

Logic-Bobby Tarantino II

Logic’s latest studio album leads off with an amusing dialogue introduction between characters from Rick and Morty, securing his already set place in the nerd rap community. Sir Robert Bryson Hall II drops some serious tracks in his latest, which hosts, as expected a host of intelligent lyricism and catchy beats. Bobby Tarantino II feels admittedly less cerebral than albums of the past and shows potential to find more commercial success than Logic’s past work. This new album features notable names in rap like Wiz Khalifa, Young Sinatra, 2 Chains, Big Sean, and musician Marshmello. The track that this writer will keep bumping in circulation is Wassup. Big Sean unquestionably had a major impact on the track-and as readers know, this woman is a sucker for his beats. Be sure to scope out an album that I predict will produce tracks with some serious commercial circulation.

Spotify link to Bobby Tarantino II

Interview of Maxo Kream about latest album Punken and Houston's rap scene

Maxo Kream-Punken

Houston’s rap scene has stayed low key as of late. With the release of his third album Punken, I think Maxo Kream will be able to bring the spotlight back on the City of Lean. With heavy beats and thick bass that pull the brain back to SLAB haydays, this album has a distinctly local sound highlighting a promising talent. Punken features tracks with potential club circulation like Capeesh as well as mellow songs to kick back to like Janky. Like most rap albums, this track is laden with drug and sex references, but more notably there are references to so many cultural features that are distinctly Houstonian. If you love to rep your city, this Punken has an abundance of Houston one-liners to offer. This new album features two tracks-Grannies and 5200-that have already managed to touch over a million ears. If you haven’t taken the time to listen to Maxo Kream yet, Punken is a great place to start.

Soundcloud link to Punken

220 off Snoop's latest album

Snoop Dogg-220

Classic rapper Snoop Dogg consistently proves that he is producing something at all times. Between his TV cooking show with Martha Stewart, musical production and rapping himself, Snoop certainly continues to show he has no expiration date. Snoop’s latest EP, 220, features a slew of artists with some unexpected appearances-including a track featuring LunchMoney Lewis. Much like other projects Snoop has put out in the past, several tracks on this album have a distinctly mellow R&B feel. There seems to be a broad offering of Snoop’s sounds on this track that aren’t just limited to smooth sounds, with upbeat tracks like I Don’t Care and Doggytails that resemble some of his older work (a la The Doggfather). If you feel like a healthy dose of nostalgia, be sure to scope this EP.

Spotify link to 220

Dollar Sign Eyes off Curren$y's latest album

Curren$y-The Spring Collection

The Spring Collection is an album that should be consumed in one sitting. It’s an album with tracks that bleed into one another and create a feel. Dollar Sign Eyes, one of the best tracks on the album features my favorite Brooklyn rapper Joey Bada$$ in a trippy track full of space sounds and analysis on the impact of money. This album features brassy details in tracks like 4 Phantoms, which create a unique take on mellow rap that keeps it sounding fresh. Musical elements and sounds played with throughout ensure that this album feels thoughtfully constructed, setting it miles ahead of other rap albums out that are over-produced or created in a homogenous way. For fans of dreamy rap that is great to unwind or reflect to on a late night car ride with windows rolled down.

Spotify link to The Spring Collection

Dopeman off Rocky Bank's latest album

Rocky Banks-Big Little Brother

Another beacon of hope out of Houston goes by the name of Rocky Banks. His latest album Big Little Brother has a very commercial sound, and I am almost certain there will be tracks from this album playing across the country sooner than later. Big Little Brother shows a variety of styles, with tracks carrying sounds resembling mainstream rappers anywhere from value based rap like Kendrick (Old Me) to tender lyricism a la Drake (Boyfriend). My personal favorite track is Loud and Clear, a velvety track with lyricism boasting of multisyllabic slant rhymes that I will surely blast when I have a relaxing night at home. Here at BSL we are looking forward to see where this rising rap star lands and watch him develop as an artist. Keep up with his future career with us! Where do you start? By checking out Big Little Brother.

Soundcloud link to Big Little Brother

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