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Boytoy brings big bold rock to the Big Top

(Photo: Thomas Joseph)

Boytoy blew through a set at the Big Top Lounge on Tuesday. The Brooklyn-based quartet brought their unique brand of rock, alongside fellow New York band Champagne Superchillin' and Houston's own Flower Graves.

Champagne Superchillin' lead things off with a dreamy set. Their French mod-influenced sound has old-school roots. I was initially hit with Mad Men flashbacks - Megan Draper singing "Zou Bisou Bisou" came to mind - and that's not totally inaccurate. However, their work has a modern edge to it that's hard to place. "Mon Loup" wouldn't be out of place 50 years ago, but it would also be a shade ahead of its time, pushing a genre forward.

In a similar vein, Boytoy blends a variety influences, but their work is more tailored toward rock.

Jade Taylor at NYLON once described them as, "floating somewhere between 60’s surf jams and 90’s grunge rock." Taylor was right.

Out on tour ahead of their new record Night Leaf, Boytoy hit a variety of songs from their four years together. The dueling vocals on "Mary Anne" are so in sync that they lift the otherwise straightforward tune. "NY Rip Off," the upcoming third single (and first video) from the album features driving riffs that'll knock you on your ass. That variety makes for one hell of a live show that'll keep listeners engaged - and guessing.

(Photo: Thomas Joseph)

The night was capped off by locals Flower Graves. It was another tight set from the psych rock stalwarts. Though the setlist doesn't vary much show-to-show, if you've seen them before you know that's not a bad thing. This is music to get down to. An especially rollicking rendition of "Be Your Man" was a crowd pleaser on the evening.

It was another Wallflower Records bill that struck a delicate balance between nostalgia trip and breaking new talent. At BSL we can't wait for the next one.

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