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Shows to See: March 26-April 1

This week’s concert round up picks three of our “must see,” shows of the week. You can check out our full calendar of upcoming shows here.

Brian Fallon's track Watson off Sleepwalkers

1. Brian Fallon

We already wrote a love letter to Brian Fallon about how excited we are for his upcoming Houston show here. But yet again, we are going to encourage and advocate all of our readers to hit this show with us. His latest, “Sleepwalkers,” album is smoky, sexy, and has a bit of everything for everyone. His poignant and biting lyricism leaves listeners with a sting of nostalgic joy. See you at 7 this Thursday at the Heights Theatre.

Sy Smith performing Perspective

2. Sy Smith

Tonight, YES TONIGHT, is the night you get dipped in the honey sweet soul of Sy Smith. This artist’s latest album Sometimes A Rose Will Grow in Concrete will warm your heart. We already told you to meet us there! If you didn’t catch her performance this weekend at the Houston Symphony-fear not! You have another chance to jam to her smooth grooves with us tonight at 7 at Warehouse Live. Come slow dance and sway with us on this beautiful Monday night!

Naughty Professor ft The Soul Rebels (swoon) in Funk for Lunch

3. Naughty Professor

Much like this publication, Naughty Professor was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. The band’s funky, jazzy sound is nothing short of refreshing in the bleak musical landscape of over synthesized pop anthems we have come to know and dread. Come find out just how energetic and fun a live jazz performance can be. Jam out to their performance with local Bayou City Funk at Last Concert Café with us this Friday at 8.

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