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Why you should be paying attention to viral videos

Peach Scone, the music video blowing up the web right now

Hobo Johnson aka Frank Lopes. The man, the myth, the viral video legend. His submission for NPR’s tiny desk concert has gone viral to the tune of almost 2 million views in less than two weeks. Being a millennial myself, I watch more videos that pop up on my social media than I care to admit. This was probably one of the first I didn’t regret sitting through. As a matter of fact, the day I clicked on this music video I proceeded to watch all of Hobo Johnson’s Facebook video feed, download his album, and listen to it from start to finish four times.

I don’t really need to defend my sanity-as a matter of fact, if you don’t listen to his album, The Rise of Hobo Johnson, I probably am questioning your sanity. Lopes’ lyrical poetry has an off kilter cadence that is compelling and pairs well with musical accompaniment. There’s something intoxicating pulling you back to his verses. Perhaps it’s his emotional honesty or dark humor. Maybe it’s the clearly thought out tracks that are presented casually, almost flippantly. Whatever it is, I can’t stop listening to it.

The Rise of Hobo Johnson starts off with Sex in the City, a track chock full of humor and cultural references that pulls listeners in. Rolling forward with the pop culture references, Mario & Link dishes out a healthy dose of nostalgia and is almost certain to illicit laughter from any classic gaming fan.

Romeo & Juliet from The Rise of Hobo Johnson

Father brings the album back to a heavier note, discussing monsters inside heads, daring to openly present mental health so naturally that readers might not even know what they've been served by the end of the song. My personal favorite track (and perhaps one of the best selling songs off the album), Romeo & Juliet, punches listeners right in the feels. The track is so intimate, relatable, and simultaneously clever that it almost has to be played twice to be fully absorbed. With insight on love and divorce, it’s hard not pull lyrics that stick with listeners from the song. To tie up a trifecta of masterfully produced songs with serious overtones, Creve Coeur 1 is a heavy hitting track that will rip anyone’s heart out and leave them bleeding out on the sidewalk.

Jesus Christ, a track about religion, finding happiness, and so much more brings the album home to its final track, The Ending. The final song is about a post apocalyptic world in which protagonist Frank rules all then thanks listeners for sticking with him through the record. Closing the album on a dystopian analysis of modern society seems only appropriate for such a cerebral and comedic album.

Go listen to The Rise of Hobo Johnson for a really fresh, really delicious glass of water with a sweet mop of curly hair and an irreverent dose of optimistic hope.

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