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Jericho Sirens: A Bewitchingly Antagonistic Come Back Album from Hot Snakes

It’s fairly unlikely that any ‘millennial’ will remember Hot Snakes from their earlier music after the band left a (criminal) 4-year gap in their time spent in the studio. Yet to anyone that previously enjoyed their albums Suicide Invoice (2002) and Audit in Process (2004) hearing Jericho Sirens may be the highlight of your year. Hot Snakes latest album Jericho Sirens potentially the hottest come back in 2018 for those inclined who are grungily inclined.

With Hot Snakes Unmistakable Angular guitars, gritty sound, with a sweet hint of Rock n Roll Psychedelic revival, I quickly joined the party of fans eager to welcome them back on the scene with open arms. With tangible angst, Jericho Sirens blast through the current political disparity, giving the album an iconic Patti Smith defiance steeped into the root of the sound which accompanies the political rhetoric.

With track names such as ‘Death Camp Fantasy’,’ Death of a Sportsman’ and ‘Death Doula’ Jericho Sirens may actually knock the Manic Street Preachers album off the top spot when it comes to the darkest Rock album ever recorded. Unlike back in 2000, Hot Snakes made no bones about saying what they really feel, throwing every ounce of self-apologist uncertainty out of the window they created a chaotic turbulence of sound through head-shakingly pleasing hooks and almost aneurism inducing breakdowns. The politics of the tracks can quickly slip under the pure thrashing momentum of the instrumentals, but once you really tap into the rhythmic Rock vocals, a narrative of disdain is thrust upon you. It’s there to stay, whether you like it or not (you’ll probably like it). Even after the album has completed its spiral of chaos the essence of their sound has a bewitchingly antagonistic way of sticking with you. Death Doula has made me particularly excited to hear the iconic pounding downstrokes of the guitar at a live show.

Sharing the same label (Sub Pop Records) as some of my favourite artists such as Sleater Kinney it really is no wonder that I developed such a speedy affinity for Hot Snakes sound. Like with any great album there’s a riddle of diversity to get knee-deep in before the album really reaches its climax with Psychoactive which has a surprisingly classic-rock anthemic feel. The album is perfectly rounded off by the rather Psychobilly track Death of a Sportsman which mixes the iconic Cramps style bass & drum synergy with some soaring Indie Rock guitar riffs thrown over the top. In other words, if you’re a fan of the Strokes, Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster, The Jesus Lizard and Fugazi Hot Snakes you’re going to want to make Hot Snakes a part of your playlists. You can check out the Pop Punk raucous wizardry from Hot Snakes debut 2018 album yourselves over on Spotify.

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