• Nicole Sergent

Two for One: Face to Face x Less Than Jake

Ready to whip out some skinny jeans and your favorite pair of Vans? We are. Tonight you can get the most bang for your buck by heading to Proof bar where Face to Face and Less Than Jake will be co-headlining an epic night of music. Face to Face, a band branded as “social punk rock,” has been pumping out tracks since the early 90’s, with a deep discography showcasing their musical prowess. The band dropped an epic album, Prowess, circa 2016 reminding listeners just how talented and energetic they still are. Catchy and upbeat, the group with an edgy punch will surely rock the house. Less Than Jake, who we love to cover (check out an archived video here), will with certainty put on a wild performance. When our publication covered the group’s performance in the past (reference here), the group doused audiences with squirt guns while maniacally romping around the stage. Less Than Jake recently put out Sound The Alarm, an album worth a few spins around the turntable.

Come by Proof Bar tonight at 6 for a rowdy evening and say hi when you run into us.

Find tickets for the show here:


Check out a Face to Face’s Youtube playlist here:


Scope out Less Than Jake’s Youtube playlist here:


Both artists are available on all major streaming platforms including Spotify, Pandora, and Apple Music. As usual, we encourage you to buy a CD or album.

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