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Whiskey Myers carries flag for Southern Rock, with a little Outlaw thrown in

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Whiskey Myers played the House of Blues to an enraptured crowd Thursday night in Houston.

The set was emblematic of Whiskey Myers' ability to carry the torch for Southern Rock. With a set clocking in at nearly two hours, the band is capable of lengthy sets, driving riffs, and sending a crowd home happy.

This crowd ate up every second of the show. This was clearly a group here to have a damn good time, and Whiskey Myers obliged. The band only broke for a few choice ballads, like "Broken Window Serenade." Lead vocalist, acoustic guitarist, and occasional harmonica player Cody Cannon shines on "Serenade," a slower tack about lost love and drug addiction. It hits close to home for anyone whose watched someone spiral out of control, and his matter-of-fact mannerisms and dejected delivery are gripping in person.

For all of the quality storytelling in their ballads. this band knows how to get a crowd moving. Guitarists John Jeffers and Cody Tate laid in solos throughout the night, including damn near every track as the set hit its home stretch. With many bands this could come off as indulgent or repetitive, but it's the exact tenor required for more lively tracks like "Headstone."

"Headstone" reflects the band's style as well as anything in their catalog. Cannon sings his parts with a sort of confidence that doesn't require anyone else's approval. It feels like exactly what you'd hear from the most charismatic person in a bar just as they hit a perfect buzz. Meanwhile the percussion section of Tony Kent and Jeff Hogg builds a booming background as Jeffers and Tate add some heavy licks.

That's really the crux of Whiskey Myers. This group comes by way of Palestine, Texas. Any Texan knows that East Texas has a lot of Southern influence culturally, and that rings true for them musically. Lyrically they treat fans to the kind of storytelling that wouldn't be out of place with classic Outlaw Country. It's not a wholly unique mix, but they do it in a way that captures crowds and critics alike. At BSL we're looking forward to their next trip through town.

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