• Nicole Sergent

Rock heavy with Mastodon tonight

Last year's release of Emperor of Sand got those who worship at the feet of metal excited. Imagine the levels of anticipation fans of Mastodon felt once they learned there was a tour to accompany the album. A healthy dose of hearty Mastodon sound paired with a progressive metal sound grace their latest album. The band's hit "Show Yourself," came from their latest album and comes from a place of pensive thought. The group attributes the thematic elements of survival and wandering to their own personal life experiences with family members battling cancer. For metal coming from a rich, emotional place, this show will be one for you.

Tonight, May 9th, Mastodon will rage through White Oak Music Hall with All Them Witches and Mothership.

Find tickets below:


Find the group's visual music library here:


Mastodon is available on all major streaming platforms including Spotify, Pandora, and Apple Music. As usual, we encourage you to buy a CD or album to support the band!

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