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Arc & Stones & Singles: a Chat with Dan Pellaran

We had the opportunity to work with the fine people of AGD to talk to Dan Pellaran, lead of Arc & Stones, about their latest singles. Check out, "Now or Never," with our link here. This innovative band offers a new perspective on rock, pulling compelling components from genres and integrating them with a blues rock core sound. Check out our exclusive interview below as we talk new singles, Cardi B, and what's to come for Arc & Stones in the near future.

-Explain the inspiration behind new singles “Now or Never” and, “Fire Truck.”

Dan Pellarin: Thanks so much for having us! “Now or Never” is basically a reminder that we’re only ever running out of time, so go live your life with the person and the people you want to live it with. Don’t ever leave the heart to question, because there is nothing worse than “what could have been.”

I wrote “Fire Truck” in the hopes of trying to take the simplest idea and creating a powerful metaphor around it. It’s based on very real experiences I and so many others have gone or are going through. You can be in a very bad place, and try to protect the person closest to you by pushing them away. But, in the moment of your deepest darkness, that person fights for you, and is beside you no matter the struggle and pain. Simply on the hope of getting you through it, that person is the first to answer your call, and the last to give in.

-We understand you left “the grind,” in Miami years ago-what about it was unfulfilling?

The real world has its own set of lessons and demands that a school or a controlled environment could never provide. I left one grind to pursue a different grind. I’d rather sleep on floors and scratch for pennies to give me inspiration and fuel for a song. I loved my time in Miami, but the only way people will believe your music is by living the life it’s associated with. There can be positives to being a college dropout...I found mine in rock ‘n’ roll.

-How are you trying to transform modern rock?

I think it’s constantly being transformed, but Arc & Stones is just trying to implement a thumbprint of their own that can aid in bringing back the widespread appeal and genuine voice that the genre once had. Rock’n’Roll is not a sound, it’s an idea and an attitude, and we are trying to get people to realize that again. Find the journey that draws you in, not just the sound.

-What’s a guilty pleasure track you’ve been listening to too often lately?

I feel no guilt whenever I turn on Cardi. Sup girl. NY stand up.

-What is the music scene lacking that you hope to bring to the table?

Open-mindedness. Fuck genres. Collaboration = Innovation.

-There’s an emotional honesty in your lyricism that reveal emotional vulnerability-what do you want listeners to feel when they put on your songs?

This world is far too big to ever feel alone. You always have a shoulder to rest on, an ear to listen, a hand to hold, a drink to enjoy, with us.

If there’s one person that believes in you more than you, it’s me.

Image provided by Arc & Stones

-Can we expect an album coming up?

We all want one worse than bad, so let’s see how everything starts rolling. Got more than enough to work with for an album if that makes you feel any better about it moving forward haha.

-Which came first-the chicken or the egg?

*Dr. Evil pinky to lip*

-Can fans expect a shift in sound from your new songs?

That’s entirely up to them. You can always expect evolution, but influence sparks growth.

-How have blues sounds influenced your music? How have Nashville and New York influenced it?

New York gave us the new and exciting energy, Nashville gave us the roots to grow that energy, and here we are trying to be a perfect hybrid. A neo-rootsy pop rock animal.

-Do you plan on touring with your new work?

Does a one-legged duck swim in circles?

-Do you have a favorite snack on tour?

Berry crushes sunflower seeds, I crush sleep, Joe crushes.

-When T.J. first saw y’all, you were covering “Sunshine of Your Love” by Cream. That’s a pretty ballsy move. What are your favorites songs/ artists to play?

Thank you!...well unless that wasn’t a compliment and you hated...then thank you!

Just paying homage. Trying to showcase our abilities while paying respects to the great influencers of our craft. We love Cream with “S.O.Y.L”, we love “Can’t You See” by Marshall Tucker Band, we love playing “One Big Holiday” by My Morning Jacket (we love you Colonel), we love “Drink You Away” by J.T, and quite honestly we like taking it song by song, and if the idea arises to give something a new twist that we’ve never tried before, we try it and see if it sticks. It’s fun to cover, it’s even more fun to make it your own, it’s the most fun to see people visibly reminisce a yester-joy when you play their favorite songs of “old”.


Thank you so much guys and gals. We appreciate the support, the attention, and most of all the love.

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