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Leon Bridges and the Time Machine

From bubble gum goodness to slick smooth delights, Leon Bridges’ new album Good Thing pulls listeners through time, transporting them from the early 60’s to a distinctive late 70’s soul sound. The kind of music off Bridges’ latest is the type you put on in the kitchen on a soft Sunday morning while savoring the dripping sweetness of a still world. His artistry is evident and Bridge’s personality as an artist shines through. Exposition serves no purpose without delving a little further into the topic at hand, so lets explore Bridge’s latest album track by track.

“Bet Ain’t Worth the Hand,” the first track and first single off Good Thing demonstrates a musical range exhibited throughout the album. Integrating new sounds with old, this track brings Bridges into a very modern music space that still feels nostalgic.

Continuing to strong with hit singles, Good Thing moves forward with, “Bad Bad News.” Perhaps the smooth track’s positive lyricism or layered rhythmic section keeps us listening to this song on loop, but we dare you to just play this song once. It’ll be accomplishment if you can.

“Shy,” is a smooth, buttery anthem that makes our knees gelatinous. Bridges calls for a woman to come visit him despite admittedly being a bit drunk. The sweet yet seductive track is yet another infectious track we will be playing on loop.

Continuing in the beautifully romantic headspace Leon Bridges tends to live in, “Beyond,” sees some instrumental variety with an acoustic guitar focused track. “Do you think I’m being foolish if I don’t rush in?” Bridges poses.

Addressing a woman from his past, “Forgive You,” brings in the most modern beat track to date. With a collection of an almost pop-rock instrumental sampling in the background, “Forgive You,” almost sounds like the Bridges from, “Coming Home,” stepped into a time machine and came out on another end.

“Lions,” might be this listener’s new favorite jam. The beautiful lyrical honesty and simple, driving beat, “Lions,” delivers all the goodness a smooth R&B track could promise with no extra frills.

Do you feel like dancing? Then, “If It Feels Good,” is a catchy boogie that will have you shuffling around the floor. A track seemingly designed with Earth, Wind, & Fire fans in mind.

Keep your feet moving with, “You Don’t Know,” which has an almost early eighties sound with distinctive synthesizer sounds layered throughout accompanied by Michael Jackson high notes.

With soulful vocals accompanied by blues guitar riffs, “Mrs.,” takes listeners to a more pensive and sensual place than the last two tracks. Bridges adding tracks with more sex appeal than seen before has created a beautiful balance of mind and body through this album.

In the most honest and introspective song Bridges has produced to date, “Georgia to Texas,” peers into Bridges’ growth over time. This song comments his own struggles with falling short of expectations noting he, “fell short of what true blackness was.”

As a musical consumer that attempts to remain objective, I wish I had some sort of constructive criticism for this album. But, in an unexpected twist, Good Thing hand-delivers everything good about music that a listener could ask for. The album takes you on a journey full of highs, lows, and everything in between. But, don’t take my word, listen to it yourself.

Good Thing is available on all major listening platforms, so do yourself a favor and check it out!

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