• Nicole Sergent

All the Feels: Other Americans

Sound is implied in music-you hear, you jam-however, not all music can make you feel. Nothing quite matches the sharp nostalgic pang offered by one Other American's self titled EP. Rich with sounds of distortion and tracks that one might even feel dirty (in the sexy 90's way a la Garbage) listening to, Other Americans offers a modern take on a classic concept. The group recently released their acid-trip of a music video, "Murdering Crows." The video mimics some form of VHS tape noise set with a bright, colorful overlay. If one untangles the scene below the noise, the band can be found performing with a firm squint. Be sure to check it out in its entirety below and let us know if you love it's gritty abstract feel as much as we do.

We eagerly anticipate the release of more tracks by these musicians, as their sound is unique and makes us *feel*. Be sure to stay tuned for an upcoming BSL exclusive interview with Other Americans, as we learn more about the band. You can find more of the band's music on any major streaming platform, but as usual we at BSL urge you to buy some tune-age from the group themselves (from iTunes) to keep supporting new sounds! Go like their Facebook page here and keep plugged in for more on a band about to blow up the airwaves.

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