• Thomas Joseph

Fantastic Negrito is about to blow the doors off of Houston

Like his biggest influence, Prince, Fantastic Negrito's work runs the gamut of rock, blues, and R&B. You can't put this guy into a box is what we're saying.

You can put Fantastic Negrito on stage though. He graces Houston with his presence at the House of Blues on Friday night.

Fantastic Negrito is touring behind his latest record, Please Don't Be Dead. The debut single, "Plastic Hamburgers," is among his more accessible tracks. "Plastic Hamburgers" leans heavily into rock and traditional song structure. There's a clap-along chorus and some plain vicious guitar licks. But it also hits listeners in another direction, with thought provoking lyrics and a groovy bridge.

That's just the beginning, as the record veers in every direction imaginable. We've heard the same of his shows here at BSL, and we'll be at House of Blues tomorrow with our dancing shoes on (and cameras ready to shoot).

Tickets are available here. You can buy or stream Please Don't Be Dead right here.

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