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BSL interviews: Scattered Hamlet

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Next time you travel through the Appalachian Mountains you might hear a roar. It's not mountain lions or rum runners; that's probably the boys in Scattered Hamlet throwing out their brand of Honky Tonk Metal. We sat down with lead vocalist, harmonica player, and guitarist Adam Joad for an interview about Southern Rock, pro wrestling, and being part of the final Warped Tour.

BSL readers can catch them in Houston on Sunday, July 8, at Warped Tour.

Your latest video, “Stay Hungry,” is a tribute to Jake Delling Le Bas (also a rad cover, for the record!). What’s the process like working when he’s not able to contribute the way he had previously? We saw Dave Vandigitty on drums in the video. Is he touring with the band?

Thank you, we really appreciate that. The response has been great, Dee Snider even gave us the thumbs up so that was very humbling. It was different without Jake for sure. Both emotionally and contribution wise. We wanted to record live the way our favorite records were made back in the day so we weren’t sure if we’d have the right chemistry with a different person on the kit. Dave plays in Diamond Lane, he’s a great player. He came in, did one rehearsal and knocked it out the next day in the studio. Dave just stepped up to the plate to help us out, Grant Jenkins is actually the newest member of SH and who’s behind the kit on tour.

Listeners might point to your Southern roots and mention straight-up metal bands like Pantera, but y’all have been vocal about the influence of classic Southern Rock bands as well. How do you balance those influences like Allman Brothers and Skynyrd with the desire to just, well, shred? I believe anyone that plays heavy music post 90’s has been influenced by Pantera in some way. They are genre defining. We’re certainly not as heavy as groove metal bands, we really don’t even consider ourselves metal but more metal influenced. The purpose of the band was to approach the music somewhere between Skynyrd and Motorhead. On the Skynyrd end, we’re definitely guitar rock but obviously a lot more aggressive. Shit sometimes we even use three guitars. But we all came from punk bands, so somewhere between the classics, the contemporary and the punk rock, we sort of found our niche. What’s your favorite match from Undertaker’s Wrestlemania streak? I am the least pro wrestling versed of all the band members. Jake, Adam and Rich can tell you about all the matches, moves - hell Adam Newell even trained to wrestle before dedicating himself to guitar. Thanks to Viktor from the Ascension I personally got to a catch a live smackdown event and it reminded me how awesome it all is. I take a lot personally from the mic skills of wrestlers in how they talk to the crowd. WWE Viktor actually wore an SH shirt when he was in Ireland to wrestle (Jake grew up in Ireland) as a tribute to Jake and has even been in to see him personally since the accident. That means a lot. The general solidarity from wrestlers to Jake has been amazing. I know his mom very much appreciates it.

(Video: Scattered Hamlet via YouTube)

How’s y’all’s relationship with Buck Moon Records?

The CEO is amazing, he never ceases to impress me.... ha ha, actually it’s my label. I formed it after have an argument about releasing Swamp Rebel Machine with a few of the more well known active rock/metal labels. They wanted me to sit in a room with their “writers,” not bring the full band in and just focus on writing radio rock formula songs. Basically they wanted us to be redneck Nickleback. I had a different vision and wanted to release the record we made. It ended up doing really well and got solid reviews so I think we made the right call. I didn’t get a 30K radio campaign push but we got respect and fans so like I said, we’re punk rockers at heart and that meant more to us.

Triple H has Motorhead. CM Punk had “Cult of Personality.” If y’all could write the entrance music for one wrestler, who would it be? Currently Dave Mastiff who just signed on with the WWE’s UK branch was using “Shelter,” as his entrance music. I’m not sure if he still does. I’m a big fan of heels though, it probably wouldn’t fit his schtick but I’d like to do the Miz’s music. The guys hung with him backstage before at a wrestling event and I’m pretty sure he’s a hip hop guy. Really I think we could do a badass tune for the Ascension though and it would make sense. This is the last Warped Tour. You’re sort of a part of history. Do y’all have any favorite Warped Tour memories? Favorite festivals period? It definitely is part of history and I’m sad to see it go. We’re feel really honored to get to play the last one. Kevin Lyman has been really great to us and gave us the green light to play it. We really don’t fit the traditional Warped Tour style band so it’s cool we ended up on it. Other bands like us have been there before. I think Mike V’s Revolution Mother opened up that door. He blended skate and music that’s definitely in our universe. I don’t have a specific favorite Warped Tour memory but all the bands they have launched and a lot the names that have played it before are just so damn impressive. I like music festivals with a lot of different bands, I always have.

We saw that you recently played BFE in Houston, and now NRG Park as part of Warped Tour. Where else in the area have you played? What’s y’all’s favorite venue down here? Houston is a great town. We did play the BFE last time we came through. We’ve also played The Scout Bar and another spot I can’t remember. I can’t say I have a favorite, they’ve all been good to us and had their own vibe. A little hospitality goes along way when you’re far from home. We’re looking forward to coming back in a few days.

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