• Nicole Sergent

Want an smooth way to ease into your weekend-try, "Easy Love" by Devon Heath

Almost nothing is more savory than syrup vocals dripping in Southern sound. Devon Heath always delivers an almost saccharine sound like molasses. His latest single, "Easy Love," is uplifted by the background vocals that sound like you are listening to a performance in a Gospel church in high summer. But we don't want to lead you astray, dear listeners, this is not a song about church-rather, it's a song about something we all can relate to: love. Heath croons about the best kind of love being the simple kind. Being present in the moment and loving fully sounds like a great plan to us. As is true with Heath's other work, this single features light instrumentation that accents his vocals without overpowering them. We love this new love song like we love our ice cream in the hundred degree heat: sweet, classic, and cool. Be sure to check out the rest of Heath's work at his site, or check out his Facebook here. His work is available to stream on music platforms, and his new single is just below! Devon Heath is also releasing his new EP on August 3rd-and trust us, it's well worth the wait!

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