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Senior Discount doesn't cheap out on sound in "The Best Revenge"

Ever listen to an album and know exactly where you would listen to it? Senior Discount's new album should be blasted-full volume of course-on the way to the beach or from a speaker once blankets are laid out. Even the album cover features skeletons with a beach scene (I solemnly swear I wrote most of this album review prior to seeing the album art!!). Senior Discount's latest album, "The Best Revenge," holds true to the upbeat, pop punk feel the group has produced on previous albums. This band has shared stages with other vets of the genre and you can hear the influence of other bands in their tunes. The band is a part of Warped Tour's Hartford stop this summer, and if you happen to be in the Northeast, be sure to catch one of their sets. We hope they tour down in Texas soon!

Enough of me, lets get to chatting track to track.

A Fistful of Discount opens up this album with an driving, guitar heavy, lyric-less track. It drives right into the next song, which makes it a tasty little appetizer to a much bigger picture.

Never Say Forever! gives me all the nostalgic feels with a familiarity that's tricky to pin. Perhaps the drum jams are ones I see in other tracks of the genre or maybe the vocals imitate an artist, but regardless this track is a perfect option for lovers of the pop-punk hits of the late 90s/early 2000s a la Blink 182 or Sum 41.

Cindy is like a sweet and cool glass of lemonade. Which I love. The simple, pulsing guitar riffs that loop remind me of old school punk. Cindy sounds like a real drip, but the track is one of the best on the album, full of energy and creative lyrics that are easy to connect with. This breakup anthem is one we will play on loop.

Smile plays with "Space Jam," lyrics, which grabs attention and alludes to future covers on this album. It slices, dices, and delivers a creative use of the original song, while still presenting a nice scoop of angst in the process. This bouncy track is probably the epitome of the fun, beachy tone we were referring to earlier. It asks the existential question all punk asks, "Where is my mind?"

Nothing's Left wraps its arms around us with the cozy nihilism that comes across from most punk albums. The songs bleak lyrics are accented with the most upbeat of musical accompaniment on the track. The balance of the two creates a striking punk track that we would love to see performed live.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun is a straight laced cover, but is reimagined with heavier sounds tossed in the mix. Not going to lie, it's a rad little track, but I'm all about girl power coming from girls, so I am totally biased in reviewing this track. Check it out for yourself-I swear it's catchy!

Afterlife leads off with a catchy opening musical interlude that grabs attention. This song has an almost anthem feel to it that leads me to believe it could easily hit the radio. Honestly, keep your ears peeled (that's a gross phrase, but it works) and listen for this track to blow up.

Explode Rhode Island, a regional ode, leads me to want to purchase a plane ticket to visit Rhode Island. It calls for uniting the state under music and standing up for the scene of the area. These kind of tracks are like the meat of any punk rock sandwich-tasty and essential to a band's offerings.

Ataxia features a screaming, aggressive opening, which I can't help but love. This track is threatening, bouncy, and perfect. If this song doesn't get the audience thrashing at shows, I'm not sure what will. Will I bump this song again? Without a doubt.

Three Little Birds draws listeners back to the sunny beach feel of the album. This is a straight forward cover as well, but after hearing several artists try to cover Bob Marley, this track is unique in that it brings the group's own character center stage integrating their sound with Marley's original composition instead of trying to replicating it. This song makes me bob my head in appreciation and is easily one of the better covers I've heard in a minute.

I'm Crazy (Live and Revived) gives listeners a real feel for the group's live performance, which I find telling of band quality more than anything else. Any bum can bust their but in the studio and put together something decent, but musicians that can perform live are miles ahead of them. Showcasing gnarly guitar skills and well placed harmonies, I'm Crazy (Live and Revived) is worth the four minutes, taking you on a journey and leaving you amped up, ready to rage.

Afterlife (Acoustic) wraps the album up, showing the group can flex their soft muscles as well as their loud ones. Personally, I would have loved to see this track elsewhere in the album or right before I'm Crazy, but on a whole it serves as a nice track to accent an album chock full of goodness.

That last trip to the shore you take this summer should feature "The Best Revenge," and if you have the means, you should certainly see Senior Discount live. Don't sleep on this band or this album, there's a feeling in my gut that you'll be hearing their name more. And if you're lucky you'll be hearing their music more. In order to make that happen, check out their site here. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to be memorizing the lyrics to I'm Crazy...catch you on the flipside!

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