• Nicole Sergent

Take a shot on us and go to the Shooter Jennings set tonight!

Just kidding, we won't have a tab set up. We are just advocates of corny wordplay and dad jokes. But do give Shooter Jennings a listen. I mean, check him out live below.

Are you melting? I am. His voice is unique in that it holds a smoke while still having enough versatility to hit notes both high and low. His new tracks are nothing short of haunting and somehow comforting simultaneously. He is releasing new music on August tenth so stay buckled up for some fresh new sounds coming your way. At BSL we also love to support artists that we think we could sit and grab a drink or a pizza with. After listening to his tracks and watching this studio session above, we assuredly would do both. If you want to let a "whiskey river carry you away," a la D.R.U.N.K. (by Jennings for ya goons that didn't watch the video), head out to White Oak Lawn tonight.

Jennings' performance will be paired with The Turnpike Troubadours, so be sure to check out a night full of country that will surely be rowdy. The two hit the stage at eight, so be sure to snag yourself and a friend a ticket if you can here. We love Shooter Jennings' new single, so if you want to hear it before hitting the show, scope out our thoughts here. As usual, we encourage you to support the artist by buying his merch and learning more about him here. See you tonight!

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