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Does anyone ever really grow up? Drunken Logic poses the question with their latest single (exclusiv

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It's no secret that our page thrives off the goodness of electric guitar excellence. Drunken Logic's latest single, "What If I Don't Grow Up?" delivers just that and then some. With an upbeat, almost punk feel, this new single resembles an anthem one might find in a playlist with pop-rock legends like The Gaslight Anthem, The Hold Steady, and Less Than Jake. If there's no healthy dose of a mild existential crisis (that's somehow still a party?), is music even quantified as lyrically sound? This track addresses what it means to, "grow up," and somehow makes us feel nostalgic for those days of yearning for being a, "grown up." Jake Cassman's candor, honesty, and crisp vocals create a message that is fun to chew on when layered with a chunky, uplifting musical backdrop. We think this track will be a sleeper hit, but we will let you form your own decisions by pressing the "play," button below. For those of you unfamiliar with Drunken Logic, their folk-rock sound always features questions about life that cause listeners to think while simultaneously bouncing their feet due to prolonged exposure to catchy beats. Check out the exclusive release of Drunken Logic's track and stay tuned for the group's new album release, "The Loudness Wars," hitting the world this fall. You can find more of Drunken Logic's music at their site or on streaming platforms across the board.

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