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Taking Back Sunday and Coheed & Cambria prove that Skinny Jeans and Rock and Roll Dreams are sti

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At BSL, there is more than a deep appreciation for nostalgia-I'd argue we love seeing bands that take us back to the days with skinny jeans and emo kid dreams. Taking Back Sunday delivered a punch of that very nostalgia while bringing out their updated sounds throughout the set.

Opening up with a crowd favorite, Taking Back Sunday captivated with What's It Feel Like to Be a Ghost? Life update: the band still sounds as tight as they did circa Warped Tour '07. Adam Lazzara's voice might have aged a hair, but his powerful lyricism still grabs listeners and smacks them silly across the face. The group drove through the set pulling from the new (a la tracks like Beat Up Car from their 2014 album Happiness Is) and the old (like My Blue Heaven from the classic Louder Now) to create an experience full of microphone swinging with warm fuzzy feelings. Concert goers smiled, raised their fists, and felt their gut wrenching (looking at you, performance of Flicker, Fade) through the entire emotional rollercoaster of a set. This group is not only alive and kicking, I'd argue that they are thriving with the wisdom of a band that has been performing for over ten years.

Taking Back Sunday closed up with crowd favorite MakeDamnSure, setting the stage for their co-headliners, Coheed and Cambria. The group brought on the epic suspense that is their calling card with an interlude and light show of insane proportions. The group has a flair for the dramatic, which was reflected in their opening leading into The Dark Sentencer-an adventure of a track with more build and suspense than any Steven King novel. Their impressive showmanship and odd audio mixing that produced a massive quantity of drums overwhelming the sound made this writer think about Neal Peart. As is par for the course with the group, Coheed and Cambria rocked out in a jam band fashion that revealed stamina other groups only dream of.

Be sure to catch these two killer bands on tour and keep up with their music. Both of these staples from our teen years are going nowhere, as evidenced by their live performances.

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