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Fresh Finds 1.12.23

NEW FEATURE: Hoping to share some sick recorded tracks with you weekly for those of you that like to listen to things in your earholes throughout the week. Will be dropping three tracks a week that were released recently and recorded in what should be the actual music capital, Houston.

1) Scar-Juicebox ( I can not help but push a rad new hardcore act coming from inside our own city. On Jan 4th, Juicebox dropped a two track demo full of driving guitar and gut-wrenching female vocals. I'm partial to the track Scar which lyrically insists on not being talked to or looked at, but I urge you to bump both tracks on this EP, worth the few minutes of your time, I promise. I'll be sure to promote this band's next set when I catch word of it. (Update: they announced a show with Gripe and Antitrust at House of J on Feb 17th-see you there!)

2) Safe-Rabit ( SO, I am FULLY aware that this album got dropped in November of 2022 so I'm late to lunch with this one, but I can not stop looping this track. This album is by local producer royalty, Rabit, and it has a melancholy dreamy air to it that's hard to shake. Verbal tracks with guest features touch on important social issues, growth, and change. Be sure to get your ambient fix in a nice quiet space to engage with this album fully if you choose to take the sonic dive in.

3) Acadiana-The Amazing Bozo feat. Aya Ceremony ( This track dropped close to the holidays, so this sad boy country piece of gold wasn't given nearly enough attention it deserves. The midwestern emo crooning of Josh Crocker pairs beautifully with one of the better banjo solos out on the town at present. This artist's work harkens back to an era of pre-bro country we all yearn for, so be sure to check out his other recorded goodness as well. You can catch him around town, and most recently I caught him at Darwin's Pub open mic on a Thursday.

BONUS: Street Dreamz-Camera Cult ( This is a bonus track because it has been out for a hot minute. I am pushing it because the cam boyz will be performing in Houston this weekend (Sat the 14th with Pity Party Girls Club at 3898 North Freeway Frontage Rd Suite F) and next weekend (Sat the 21st with 224 Orion, Rinas, Strawberry Milk Cult at Eighteen Ten Ojeman), so all the more excuse to get familiar with their music before I send you to one of their shows. Their dreamy fboy pop will crawl into your mind and never leave.

That's what I've got for this week folks, check here for more local releases that are hot on my playlists and should stay on yours. Go to shows, buy merch, screw ticketmaster, buy CDs/tapes/records, burn down the patriarchy, etc.

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