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Fresh Finds 1.19.23

Updated: Feb 17

NEW FEATURE: Hoping to share some sick recorded tracks with you weekly for those of you that like to listen to things in your earholes throughout the week. Will be dropping three tracks a week that were released recently and recorded in what should be the actual music capital, Houston.

1) Noche de Cucucuy-Cucucuy ( There is nothing that gets me moving quite like a hot cumbia set, and if this band's recent show at The End is any indicator of what's to come, we are in for a tasty treat. This fresh single has been out since the 17th, so get on this track while it is hot. With regional sounds layered into traditional cumbia rhythms, this song sounds like it comes from Houston in the best possible way. Tune in for some great musical lines from the guitar and dark vocals. Can not wait for this band to drop more music.

2) Tidal-Chironex ( You know some people that touch projects and through a lot of hard work manage to spin straw into gold? That's how I'd describe the energy and work ethic of Alex Davis, a piece of the instrumental metal group Chironex. This band released their EP on January 16th. Through some strokes of luck, I had the opportunity to hear this track in its creation, and I love it as much now as I did in its formation stages. With a driving momentum, hearty bassline, and earworm of a hook, this will stay in your heavy rotation for weeks to come. Catch these talented beasts on May 20th at 1810 Ojeman.

3) Hate Me Love-Losing June ( Rarely do I succumb to my Garden State-era singer-songwriter sonic inclinations, however, this song is nostalgic in all the right ways. David Nicholson has some production elements I am not inclined to (some country-sounding introductory sounds), but if you hold out for 40 seconds you are suddenly surrounded by a bath of fuzzy guitar and all the memories of your latest heartbreak in the best possible way. Fans of Brian Fallon's Local Honey will likely love this track.

BONUS: Better Days-Astro Inn ( I am featuring another track that has been out for a really long time that I was just sleeping on that landed in the bonus section because ya'll are all probably already jamming to it. After lurking for some local pop of the bedroom varietal, I found a band featuring two of my homies that-as much as this stings to admit-I had no idea even existed. This is the group's most recent release, although, in all honesty, I love another track they release this past summer called Hexx as much if not more. I love the rhythms, dreamy percussion, and simplicity of high-quality pop produced locally. You really can't beat it.

That's what I've got for this week folks, check here for more local releases that are hot on my playlists and should stay on yours. Go to shows, buy merch, screw ticketmaster, buy CDs/tapes/records, burn down the patriarchy, etc.

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