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  • Nicole Sergent

Fresh Finds 1.27.23

NEW FEATURE: Hoping to share some sick recorded tracks with you weekly for those of you that like to listen to things in your earholes throughout the week. Will be dropping three tracks a week that were released recently and recorded in what should be the actual music capital, Houston.

1) Amazonian Tribes Mimicking the Sound of Chainsaws With Their Mouths-Ak'Chamel ( If you have never caught an Ak'Chamel set, you have missed out on one of the coolest musical experiences you can encounter in Houston. Their dark tribal sounds resonate in your soul as this duo of multi-instrumentalists produce something you feel as it radiates in your bones. This collection of tracks has been available on Bandcamp since Jan 20th and also is now up on Spotify. For all of the percussive and grade-A picking that you can handle, listen to this whole album once, then once again like I have. Why not have a taste of music caviar today?

2) Moving Along-DVTE ( On another side of the sonic spectrum, DVTE sneakily dropped a fantastic single Jan 3rd. This R&B track is layered and has a lush sound, much like the rest of this artist's sounds. Something dreamy for you to listen to, but there is more. Check out this three-track release and follow this artist to find out when shows will be!

3) SHIT FRIEND: LIKE YOUR FATHER-Gripe ( High-energy punk is always on the menu, especially in Houston. Post-covid a wellspring of young punk erupted, with sets pushing out to local mainstays like House of J, White Swan and Super Happy Funland, but also in new locales or house shows. We in 2023 reap the benefits of this creative outpouring and fresh angst. Frontmanned by locally adored photographer Ben White, this group pushes thrash sounds but brings a layer of interest and complexity to their recordings by weaving in samples. Be sure to check out this EP (this one was released in November, but still deserves more attention). They will be playing with Trembler and Juicebox at Moon Tower in an afternoon matinee at 3PM. Check them out live!

BONUS: Lonely Man-Jacob Hutto ( Jacob Hutto should be heard. Tracks this great end up in this bonus slot when they have been out for more than 4-5 months, and this one is here because it came out in July of 2022. Plus this artist resides/creates in Houston, but this collection was produced in New Jersey. BUT ON TO THE TRACK ITSELF. This artist is an emotive storyteller with lyrics that have a depth far beyond his youthful appearance. The mastering of this track takes you to a simpler, darker place. Be sure to check out this artist's other projects as well, while you are lurking online. All the sultry acoustic goodness can be consumed live, this evening at Bohemeo's at 8 PM.

That's what I've got for this week folks, check here for more local releases that are hot on my playlists and should stay on yours. Go to shows, buy merch, screw ticketmaster, buy CDs/tapes/records, burn down the patriarchy, etc.

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