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  • Nicole Sergent

Fresh Finds 2.3.23

NEW FEATURE: Hoping to share some sick recorded tracks with you weekly for those of you that like to listen to things in your earholes throughout the week. Will be dropping three tracks a week that were released recently and recorded in what should be the actual music capital, Houston.

1) Numbers - Turnaways ( Was there any doubt that this track was going to be at the top of my release radar this week? I had the pleasure of seeing this single being built in studio, and I am so proud of the end product. Released TODAY, this dance-y indie track nods its head to The Strokes in a gentle way, while still holding this band's lush sound that the ladies go wild for. Check out their next local set and be sure to tell Aaron to take his shirt off, he will.

2) Every Time I Lose- Astro Inn ( This dreamy f boy pop is top tier. Layered tracks full of strings, engaging percussive element. This track that dropped today feels like the roof is down on a beautiful spring day. With clean mastering, give your ears a break from all the loud or overly complex suggestions I have for you and get down to some tasty ambient boy band sounds tonight. Give Astro Inn a spin, you won't regret it.

3) Firey Sabbath- Stone Nomads ( When a solid Houston metal band puts out a track this well done, I can't help but share it with you. A thick bassline is the glue holding together this doom track that was released Jan 5, but it also has a pretty epic guitar solo worth turning up the volume for. With a buildup leading to a palatable arc round 1:30(ish), this track references some classic metal, stoner metal, and more while still having its own personality. Be sure to give this a listen and check out this band's next set!

That's what I've got for this week folks, check here for more local releases that are hot on my playlists and should stay on yours. Go to shows, buy merch, screw ticketmaster, buy CDs/tapes/records, burn down the patriarchy, etc.

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