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Weekly Houston Show Listing 2.9.23

It's another later Friday afternoon post, but yee haw, let's jump into a busy weekend of shows around town!


It has finally come: Bozo Fest is here! Head on over to one of Houston's newest venues, The Temple (10553 Homestead Rd) to catch a killer lineup picked out by Bozo himself featuring The Amazing Bozo (ofc), Orpheous Von Doom, Quo Vadis, Acid Discharge, and The Bugsuckers. Get on over there by 7 for music, $10 cover.

Got another tasty show for my metal-loving amigos. Check out Black Magic Social Club tonight to catch Doomstress - Band, Hells Engine, and Snake Food. There was a bit of a lineup change so I don't have all the details, but typically doors are at 7, music at 8 for this venue, so I'd assume that's a safe ETA for you to plan on!

Is indie the vibe this evening? If so, head over to Bohemeo's to check out a robust lineup featuring Fawn, Laguna, Warstories, Grifter, and True to Form. Music at 6:45 and a reasonable $12 for a night full of music.

For a solidly loud evening full of good songs and maybe some elbows being thrown, check out The End for a night featuring Guerra Final, Cruel Faces, Anti-Trust, and Zealot. Doors at 8.

If you're anything like me, you're almost always going to include jazz in your weekend lineup. The Quartet For The End Of Time is performing at Leon's Lounge this evening-music at 9, drink specials, cover $10 for a night full of high-quality musical craftsmanship.

Maybe you want a mixed bill. There is an excellent one tonight at Trip Six HTX featuring Ese, Demonic Hen, HELP, I’M ALIVE, and our friends Shame On Me MTSP. Get on over there to shake off your week, $10 cover


There is a daytime show! Cue the heart eyes, I love stacking my whole day full of music so, gotta love these. This show is aptly named Stupid Cupid and is at my favorite little dive in the heights, Big Star Bar. Music featured will include Thomas Garcia Jr, The Amazing Bozo, Lou Alejandre, Uliya, Shama The Human with Humans for Hire, Pallas Wept, and Glia. Music starts at 1PM.

The band Dexter and The Moonrocks has been described as Western Space Grunge. Check out their set featuring Parker Ryan this Saturday at Last Concert Cafe, doors at 7.

Check out a show at another favorite dive bar of mine, Eighteen Ten Ojeman featuring a full lineup including Zephyr Island, Goosechase, Kali Crews, The Amazing Bozo, and The One Called Normandy. Doors at 7, music at 8:30.

Some weekends we have to double-feature The End because their lineups are so killer. Check out Slow Joy with Cheridomingo, Daze, Margins, and Moonphase doors at 6, show at 7, $12.

Check out another night of excellent jazz this Saturday night at Emmit's Place featuring Stratus. Doors are at 8:30, cover $10, good times priceless.

SUNDAY (It's the superbowl or something)

If you want a little controlled chaos before you sit down and watch football for hours, meet me at Moontower Inn to listen to a free lineup that is STACKED. This free show will feature Plastic Future, Gripe, Juicebox, and Trembler. This one starts at 3, so just commit to missing kick-off and do some kicking yourself.

That's all I've got this weekend folks. If I forgot something excellent, if I need to be featuring more of something, or if I messed up a time, let me know! Until then, GO CATCH A SET THIS WEEKEND!

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